How shorelines are “Sand”wiched between a rock and a hard, soft or wet place

Presented by: Neville Rosengren, Honorary Research Associate, Department of Ecology, Environment and Evolution, La Trobe University.

Did you miss our live event on the 12th of January? Watch the encore presentation here!

Neville will describe and graphically illustrate the key processes that shape the more than 2,000 km of Victorian coast.

The Capes (e.g. Otway) and Bays (e.g. Western Port) that give the distinctive form of the coastline have diverse origins.

Granites at Gabo Island and Wilsons Promontory respond very differently to storms and rising sea-level than do mangroves on mud in Corner Inlet and the sands of the Ninety Mile Beach.

Neville will go back in time (confidently) to look at shorelines of the past, and forward (tentatively) to shorelines of the future. Each distinctive region of the Victorian coast will be given a mention and a view.

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