CANCELLED Eel migration and sea country, what it means to us.


Come and have a yarn with Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Dennis Rose and hear about the migration patterns of Kooyang (Short-finned eel) along the coast of Nyamat Mirring.

Blue Justice, Seaweed-Sustainability and Indigenous rights in the developing Australasian seaweed industry

Join Zoe Brittain to hear about her research collaborating with Aboriginal Saltwater peoples and Māori to explore their traditional knowledge of seaweeds. This research aims to investigate the ways in which the current seaweed industry interacts with Indigenous peoples and their knowledge and answer questions such as ‘what do we mean when we say ‘sustainable seaweed’?’


The Blue Whale Study: Blue whales in the Bonney Upwelling

Dr Peter Gill of the Blue Whale Study will explain why the mightiest animals on Earth visit the rich waters of the Bonney Upwelling off south-west Victoria each year to prey on some of the ocean’s smallest creatures.


The Radical Land Megafauna of Melbourne’s Past

The second part of palaeontologist Ben Francischelli’s journey to uncover the radical megafauna that once thundered across the Australian continent – from “”Demon Ducks of Doom””, to giant marsupials the size of hippos!


Frogs: Their Future, Our Future

Frogs have been around for millions of years – even before the dinosaurs, there is much to learn about their ecology and how they have been able to survive for all these years!

Join Christina Renowden, zoologist with a passion for connecting people with nature as she talks of the importance of Frogs!

Marine Megafauna of Melbourne’s Past

Dive into the past to uncover the radical marine megafauna that once swam along Melbourne’s prehistoric coastline. From bone-crushing sharks the size of a Humpback whale, to the deepest diving mammals ever known; this is a journey more than 30 million years in the making.