Planet Flinders

This video was filmed and created by our Summer by the Sea 2022 Amateur Naturalist Challenge Winner – Stewart Andrews.

Go on a journey to another planet under the water at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula and meet some of the unique animals and plants that live there.

Stewart has dived all over the world and has a keen interest in underwater marine life, photography, videography and film making.

Stewart would like to thank Paul Soreson from for encouragement, equipment, training and advice over his years of diving (and especially for encouraging him to submit this video!).

Closed captions are available in English.

Volunteering for Threatened Flora

In this video, hear from Bellarine Catchment Network and the local ‘Borough Coastcarers’ group, who volunteer their time to protect threatened flora. This group come together each month to remove invasive weeds from Coastal Moonah Woodland habitat, a threatened plant community. For the past year, this group have been working hard to restore habitat at the Narrows in Queenscliff – and their efforts have made a huge difference on this ecosystem. Find out about this group, why they volunteer and the change they have seen.

Marine and Coastal Habitat Ecology and Interpretation


Have you ever wanted to learn more about the critters that live on the beach? Join Mike Cleeland from from Bunurong Coast Education as he explores the different beach zones and the unique critters that inhabit each zone. Find out what their adaptive qualities are and how they survive.

Beneath the Waves at Ricketts Point

Join Jack Breedon for this calming journey underwater at Ricketts Point, to discover the beautiful marine life that is just on the doorstep of Melbourne’s CBD.

Turning the Tide with Marine Mammal Conservation

Join Dr Kate Robb and Matt Montemurro from the Marine Mammal Foundation and explore Victoria’s incredible marine mammal biodiversity. Learn about the world-leading research being undertaken by the Marine Mammal Foundation to better conserve and protect Victoria’s marine mammals, and discover how you can get involved and make a positive difference to care for our own watery backyards.

Balcombe Estuary Eel Migration

Join Suzanne Ryan from the Balcombe Estuary Reserves Group to learn about the unique Eels that make their home here and their fascinating story.

Beach Combing for Plastic – What is it and Where’s it from?

Our local beach litter warrior Colleen Hughson will guide you through what marine plastics you are likely to find on the beach and where it may have come from.

Blue Justice, Seaweed-Sustainability and Indigenous rights in the developing Australasian seaweed industry

Join Zoe Brittain to hear about her research collaborating with Aboriginal Saltwater peoples and Māori to explore their traditional knowledge of seaweeds. This research aims to investigate the ways in which the current seaweed industry interacts with Indigenous peoples and their knowledge and answer questions such as ‘what do we mean when we say ‘sustainable seaweed’?’


The Blue Whale Study: Blue whales in the Bonney Upwelling

Dr Peter Gill of the Blue Whale Study will explain why the mightiest animals on Earth visit the rich waters of the Bonney Upwelling off south-west Victoria each year to prey on some of the ocean’s smallest creatures.


The Radical Land Megafauna of Melbourne’s Past

The second part of palaeontologist Ben Francischelli’s journey to uncover the radical megafauna that once thundered across the Australian continent – from “”Demon Ducks of Doom””, to giant marsupials the size of hippos!