Snorkelling for People with Disabilities : Beaumaris and Altona

This unique event is delivered by the Disabled Divers Association (DDA) and army of volunteers to provide people of various abilities the opportunity to experience a day at the beach in a new light. Gain confidence in accessing the water environment with the assistance of DDA, which is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to encouraging and supporting people with disabilities. This event is designed to inspire and give people with disabilities the opportunity to put the fun back into life. Minimum age: 8 years old.

Please note that this activity may be rescheduled if weather is unsuitable.

If a participant normally has a full-time carer, they will require a carer with them at all times on the day.

If a participant requires assistance to transfer from a wheelchair to the beach chair, they will need to provide that assistant

Each participant will be assessed on their abilities for the activities on the day.


BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL : for more information and to express your interest contact: Bert Parker via or (0418) 309 – 182.

If you have booked and can no longer attend, please contact us to cancel, so another participant can join us.

2 thoughts on “Snorkelling for People with Disabilities : Beaumaris and Altona

  1. Alyson says:

    Hello there I just came across this event for the 18th at Altona on Facebook, I am a life saver with Altona life saving club and have 100’s of hours as a snorkelling instructor at the Portsea camp, my day job is as an integration aid working with young people with a verity of needs, I’m not sure if you are in need of any volunteers but on the off chance you are I would be very happy to assist.
    I have a WWCC and am an employee of the department of education.

    • Summer by the Sea says:

      Hi Alyson, thank you for the offer! Our activity leader Bert Parker is the man to talk to about volunteering – please contact him via or (0418) 309 182 – no doubt he will be pleased to hear from you.
      Thanks very much.

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