Air Quality

6 January 2019

Please note that the EPA has issued an advice message about air quality due to smoky conditions across many parts of Victoria. We urge you to consider the EPA’s advice when making decisions about spending time outdoors, including attending Summer by the Sea activities.

Summer by the Sea will cancel any activities in areas where air quality is rated as Hazardous. We will let you know as early as possible if your activity has been cancelled due to air quality or other safety concerns and will endeavour to reschedule activities where possible.

Some people are more sensitive to smoke including people with heart and lung conditions, pregnant women, people over 65 and children under 14.  Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness or difficult breathing should call 000.

If you have heart or lung conditions or other smoke sensitivity and choose to participate in Summer by the Sea, you must have your medication with you during the activity.

For more information visit the EPA website: and keep abreast of Vic Emergency messaging:

Take care,

Coastcare Victoria