Safety and Wellbeing during Summer by the Sea

Summer in 2024 looks a bit different. Now more than ever, it’s vital that Victorians keep safe! So when you’re out and about this summer, whether attending an activity or perhaps trying your hand at rockpooling after watching a video, or making a sand sculpture for our challenge, make sure you do it safely!

This means always checking the tides, being aware of your surroundings, making sure you slip, slop and slap, wear appropriate footwear, bring a drink and snacks and always stay up to date with Department of Health guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19). For up-to-date health information visit

Make sure you’re safe around water while you’re out enjoying our beautiful coast this Summer! Active adult supervision of children is essential to reduce the risk of drowning. For toddlers, this always means having an adult within arm’s reach when they are in or around water. Unexpected changes can trouble even the best swimmers. Know the conditions. Know your limits.

Participants must be conscious of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage while participating in Summer by the Sea activities.

The EPA’s Beach Report is a great place to check the water quality in Port Phillip if you plan to be getting in the water.