Below you can find recordings of webinars hosted as part of the Summer By The Sea 2024 program!

Recycle and fundraise with Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme

What is that thing?! Keeping an eye out for marine pests in Victoria

Summer by the Sea 2023 Videos now available and accessible with multilingual captions!

Videos – captioned and multilingual recordings available now!

Come along and learn about a whole host of topics from RAMSAR sites and migratory shorebirds to the mangroves of the Bass Coast.

Videos are captioned in English, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, and Vietnamese.


Marine Litter


Nelson Coastcare: RAMSAR site and migratory shorebirds

Beneath the waves of Bunurong Marine National Park


Bass Coast Mangroves


Marine mammal diversity research in Victoria

Live Online Events – captioned recordings available now!

Expert volunteers and subject matter specialists will take you on a deep dive along Victoria’s coast with live presentations, giving you a chance to ask your questions!

Live online events will be recorded and available later in our program if you can’t make it at the time (though you’ll miss the Q&As). Watch this space as more recordings become available!

There’s still a chance to register for the last live online events! Register to book now via the What’s on page (numbers are capped to allow for good viewing speeds).

Marine life of Cape Conran and Beware Reef

The genetic ecology of Great White Sharks

Panel on ways to help the coast


Eagle eyed rockpooling: The intertidal world of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

Intertidal marine life show

5 places to add to your snorkel list this summer

Seaweed Sally

Citizen Science Snapshot


Coastcare Victoria announcement: Summer By The Sea 2023 has arrived!

The Summer By The Sea program for 2023 is now live! This year’s theme is ‘Coastal Connections’, focusing on the relationship between our coastal environment and the passionate people who care for these beautiful places.

Summer by the Sea is an annual program delivered by Coastcare Victoria with the support of providers including government agencies, local experts, and volunteer groups. The program involves a range of in-person and online events, allowing everyone to connect with the coast, wherever they are across the state.

Summer By The Sea will be running between 4 January and 5 February 2023, aligning with the school holiday period. The 2023 program is designed to be inclusive of all ages, with some highlights being:

  • Guided coastal walks with educational and subject matter experts along the coast from Narrawong to Walkerville
  • Guided rockpool tours and dinosaur discoveries
  • Accessible experiences including disabled snorkelling, and educational beach access walks
  • Live online events covering topics such as great white shark ecology, places to go snorkelling this summer, a panel on ways to help the coast, and more.
  • Videos covering a whole host of topics from marine mammal diversity research to Bass Coast mangroves

All in-person and online events are free, but bookings are essential. For more information and a full program of activities, visit the What’s On page and follow the Eventbrite prompts!

2022 Summer by the Sea: higlights

2022 Program Highlights

Although our face to face and live activities have now finished for Summer by the Sea 2022 ‘Coast to Home’ you can still connect to the coast from wherever you are.

CAMPAIGNS – Challenge Winners!

We are delighted to announce the winners of our challenges. Thank you to all our entrants who shared some fantastic creations, it was extremely hard to pick our favourites.

Amateur Naturalist Challenge – Stewart Andrews, Planet Flinders

Sand Sculpture Challenge – Nina, Blob City

Photo Challenge: Connecting with the Coast – Katie Emond, oncoming storm at Barwon Bluff

Photo Challenge: Creatures of the Coast – Myra Kelly, Common Hermit Crab Paguristes frontalis

Photo Challenge: Coastal Colours – Casey Watson, colourful seaweed at Ocean Grove dog beach

VIDEOS – accessible listing

Please continue to enjoy our videos which will be here until the end of March before moving to the Coastcare Victoria website, and remain on the official DELWP YouTube Channel.

Videos include closed captions in English, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, and Vietnamese.

Planet Flinders - Winner of 2022 Amateur Naturalist ChallengeStewart Andrews
Beneath the Waves at Ricketts PointJack Breedon, Meet me Underwater
Beach Combing for Plastic - What is it and Where's it from?Colleen Hughson, First Ladies Productions
Volunteering for Threatened FloraNaomi Wells, Bellarine Catchment Network
Marine and Coastal Habitat Ecology and InterpretationMike Cleeland, Bunurong Coast Education
Turning the Tide with Marine Mammal ConservationDr Kate Robb and Matt Montemurro, Marine Mammal Foundation
Balcombe Estuary Eel MigrationBalcombe Estuary Reserves Group

TALKS – accessible listing

Please continue to enjoy our talks which will be here until the end of March before moving to the Coastcare Victoria website.

Marine Megafauna of Melbourne's PastBen Francischelli, Port Phillip Ecocentre
The Radical Land Megafauna of Melbourne's PastBen Francischelli, Port Phillip Ecocentre
The Blue Whale StudyDr Pete Gill, Blue Whale Study Inc.
Frogs: their Future, our FutureChristina Renowden, Leap Into Nature
Blue Justice and Seaweed - Sustainability and Indigenous rights in the developing Australasian seaweed industryZoe Brittain

Safety and Wellbeing during Summer by the Sea

Summer in 2024 looks a bit different. Now more than ever, it’s vital that Victorians keep safe! So when you’re out and about this summer, whether attending an activity or perhaps trying your hand at rockpooling after watching a video, or making a sand sculpture for our challenge, make sure you do it safely!

This means always checking the tides, being aware of your surroundings, making sure you slip, slop and slap, wear appropriate footwear, bring a drink and snacks and always stay up to date with Department of Health guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19). For up-to-date health information visit

Make sure you’re safe around water while you’re out enjoying our beautiful coast this Summer! Active adult supervision of children is essential to reduce the risk of drowning. For toddlers, this always means having an adult within arm’s reach when they are in or around water. Unexpected changes can trouble even the best swimmers. Know the conditions. Know your limits.

Participants must be conscious of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage while participating in Summer by the Sea activities.

The EPA’s Beach Report is a great place to check the water quality in Port Phillip if you plan to be getting in the water.

Getting involved with Coastcare

Did you enjoy learning about our amazing coast? Do you want to help keeping it beautiful and healthy? Do you want to meet like-minded people in your area?

Then joining one of the many Coastcare groups dotted all along the Victorian coastline might just be the thing for you!!!

Hundreds of groups work together to look after our coastline. Be it through collecting rubbish, weeding, planting new habitat or protecting shore birds like the Hooded Plover, there are many ways you could help. All groups are always happy for an extra set of hands – and there are jobs for all ages and abilities!

To find marine and coastal volunteering opportunities near you visit Coastcare Victoria’s website.