Wild weather a cause for event cancellations

Sometimes the best laid plans can be foiled by wild weather, especially during a Victorian summer.  Disappointing as this may be, the safety and comfort of participants, staff and volunteers will always be our number one priority.

During Summer by the Sea we might encounter a number of weather scenarios which cause us to consider cancelling activities including extreme heat, bushfire danger, storms and poor water quality.  When these weather events arise, we work with emergency services experts in the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and with our local activity providers to gather local knowledge, conduct risk analysis and decide if activities should proceed or be cancelled.

In the event that activities are cancelled we will inform people who were booked as soon as possible, and change the activity to “Cancelled” status on the website.  In many instances we will be able to reschedule the activity for a different date, and will offer places to those who were booked in the original activity, plus post the new activity on the website if places are still available.

If activities do go ahead on hot days, please make your own decision as to whether you should attend (especially if you are with very young, elderly or otherwise vulnerable people).  Ensure you drink plenty of fluids, be sunsmart and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

We appreciate your understanding and patience when we have wild weather!  We are committed to running a great summer program while ensuring everyone stays safe and comfortable.

Seal the Loop for Marine Wildlife

Each year thousands of marine birds, mammals and fish are killed or injured due to discarded fishing line in the environment. By ensuring you safely dispose of your fishing line and other fishing waste, you are helping to untangle the threats to marine wildlife across Victoria.

Hundreds of Seal the Loop bins are maintained by dedicated volunteers at fishing spots along the coast.  Look for the bins where you fish, and remind others in your community to put their fishing waste in the bin.  If you would like to become a bin custodian, email us Coastcare.victoria@delwp.vic.gov.au

Help protect wildlife by keeping fishing line out of our waterways.  Visit zoo.org.au/sealtheloop

You can report injured marine wildlife to the AGL Marine Response Unit by calling 1300 AGL MRU (1300 245 678).

Being safe and comfortable at a Summer by the Sea activity

We do the very best we can to ensure you stay safe while enjoying one of the many beach side activities, so it is important that you always follow the activity leader’s instructions and come to the activity well prepared.

Because many activities happen on the beach or other outdoor areas, often without much shade, it’s very important to be SunSafe – a long sleeve shirt is recommended, pop on a hat as well and make sure you have put on some sunscreen before the start of the activity.

Many activities, such as rockpool rambles and dinosaur digs, occur on uneven ground and where there are rocks that can stab your toes. We ask that you wear closed shoes for the activity, not thongs. We can’t guarantee that you can take part in the activity if inappropriate footwear is worn.

Also bring along a bottle of water and some snacks, it’s a lot harder to learn and enjoy yourself with a rumbling tummy…

If you have a disability, please let us know when booking your spot on the activity and we will do our best to try and assist you.  Alternatively, phone Coastcare to discuss your requirements and we can work together to find the most suitable activities.

Getting involved with Coastcare

Did you enjoy learning about our amazing coast? Do you want to help keeping it beautiful and healthy? Do you want to meet like-minded people in your area?

Then joining one of the many Coastcare groups dotted all along the Victorian coastline might just be the thing for you!!!

Hundreds of groups work together to look after our coastline. Be it through collecting rubbish, weeding, planting new habitat or protecting shore birds like the Hooded Plover, there are many ways you could help. All groups are always happy for an extra set of hands – and there are jobs for all ages and abilities!

So don’t be shy, give your Regional Coastcare Facilitator a bell and they will put you in touch with groups in your area.

Here are their contact details:

Bethany Hunting: 0436 629 941

Central Region – From San Remo to Little River
Phillip Wierzbowski: (03) 9450 8793

Bellarine and Surf Coast Region– From Little River to Princetown
Elise Snell : (03) 5220 2012

Far South Western Region – From Princetown to Nelson
Adam Taylor: (03) 5561 9991

Alternatively, email us at Coastcare.Victoria@delwp.vic.gov.au

Digging for a dinosaur

Have you ever wanted to find your own dinosaur tooth, or a dinosaur bone maybe??? Summer by the Sea’s dinosaur digs may just be your chance to do so!

One of the very popular activities in our Summer by the Sea program are the ‘Dinosaur digs’ which are held in the Inverloch and Phillip Island area each year.

Lead by our local palaeontologist, who even has a real dinosaur named after him, you get to learn about the beasts that roamed the landscape. Explore the rock platform and learn about the volcanos and earthquakes that shook the area millions of years ago. Put on a pair of safety glasses and try your hand at finding a real dinosaur fossil or at least some fossilised dinosaur food.

Bookings for this activity are essential and closed-in shoes are a must to ensure foot safety in amongst the rocks.

Check the ‘What’s On’ page to book your spot at one of our digs.

When Balloons fly

When we think of marking a special occasion we often think of using balloons. But not many people are aware of the impact that balloons (and attachments such as ribbon and plastic ties) can have when they enter the environment.

A CSIRO study found balloons are in the top three most harmful pollutants threatening marine wildlife for both entanglement and ingestion.

The impact balloon litter can have has been well documented in the Flesh-footed Shearwaters on the remote Lord Howe Island. During annual surveys of the colony, balloons and their attachments are one of the most readily identifiable items found inside the stomachs of both adults and chicks. Chicks are mistakenly fed the litter by their parents and can be left too weak to leave the nest. The decline in shearwater numbers on the island is directly linked to the ingestion of this marine debris, with a warning that many seabirds could be facing a similar fate.

Zoos Victoria and Phillip Island Nature Parks have launched “When balloons fly”, alongside researchers at Lord Howe Island, to highlight the impact of balloons on seabirds and other wildlife and call on Australians to make a switch to bubbles at their outdoor events.

You can be part of the solution. Visit zoo.org.au/balloons and join the growing list of people making a promise to make outdoor events wildlife friendly.

What types of activities are on offer for Summer by the Sea

Bookings open in mid-December on this website…

Rockpool Ramble

Find out who and what lives on our rocky shores. With the help of a local guide, you will get up close and personal to discover the colourful and strange looking creatures that lurk in the rockpools of coastal Victoria. Sturdy shoes required.

Geology Rocks

Discover the natural history of the Victorian coastline dating back millions of years. A local guide will lead you on an adventure to uncover secrets of the past, including dinosaurs, fossils and dunes.

Marine and Coastal Discovery

Explore Victoria’s coastal and marine environments on an interactive discovery tour. Be prepared to get your feet wet!

Take a guided walk through some of Victoria’s terrestrial coastal environments including national parks, cliffs and heathlands. Bring a torch for after dark walks.

Sessions may include beachcombing, sea grass and mud flat meanders, beach photography, catchment tours, dip netting, geocaching and fishing.

Adventure Safari

Experience Victoria’s coastal and marine waters. These activities include kayaking and snorkelling, canoeing and boat trips for those with an adventurous streak and who like to get wet! Bookings essential, participants must be able to swim well and age restrictions may apply.

Dog’s Breakfast

Come along for a free breakfast for dogs and owners. Local experts will help you discover the biodiversity and wildlife living along Victoria’s beaches and learn what we can all do to care for it. Dogs must be on a lead.

Marine and Coastal Connections

Learn more about our coastal and marine environments and how you can make a difference. Experience the coastal and marine environment without getting your feet wet. Activities include movie nights, wildlife displays, festivals.
We hope that you find an activity that suits your interests. Wheelchair accessible activities are marked. If you require any assistance to attend a Summer by the Sea activity, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.